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Bellevie Wellbeing Teams

Bellevie and Wellbeing Teams share a common vision: we want a world in which people delivering and receiving care are valued, fulfilled, and have self-determination. We have decided to combine our strengths, delivering outstanding care for Wellbeing Teams and providing high quality operational, tech and communication support for Bellevie, to offer the best services to older people in Oxfordshire.

About Bellevie

Bellevie was born at London’s based social impact enterprise accelerator Zinc. Trudie and Violaine are both passionate about creating good jobs in care, to make it a desirable career that will attract top professionals and increase the quality of the service offered to our older population. They have interviewed hundreds of care workers and older people receiving care, and decided to create a new model for homecare that will answer their current concerns and struggles. 

About Wellbeing Teams

Wellbeing Teams are small, values-led and neighbourhood-based teams inspired by Buurtzorg. Like traditional home care services, they provide help with washing, dressing, or medication; but they also support people to do more of what matters to them and to stay connected in their communities. Wellbeing Teams bring together paid support with family and community support through the partnership with the charity Community Circles. By working in this way, Wellbeing Teams can deliver better outcomes for the people supported and their families, as well as for staff.

Our Founders

Trudie Fell

Co-founder & CEO Bellevie

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Violaine Pierre

Co-founder & COO Bellevie 

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Helen Sanderson

Founder Wellbeing Teams

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