About BelleVie

Our vision

A world where people who give and receive care and support are valued and thrive together.

Our values

  • We make life worth living.

  • We build trusted relationships.

  • We are driven by compassion. 

  • We encourage ambition and creativity.

  • We strive to be the best we can by measuring outcomes.

  • We share accountability and take pride in everything we do.

Our founders

Bellevie was born at London’s based social impact enterprise accelerator Zinc. Trudie and Violaine are both passionate about creating good jobs in care, to make it a desirable career that will attract top professionals and increase the quality of the service offered to our older population. They have interviewed hundreds of care workers and older people receiving care, and decided to create a new model for homecare that will answer their current concerns and struggles. BelleVie started in Abingdon in partnership with Wellbeing Teams and was joined in January 2020 by Mary Curran and Emma Pithers. 

Our inspiration

We have taken inspiration from Buurtzorg (self-managing teams of nurses in the Netherlands), Wellbeing Teams (self-managing teams in social care in England), and Cornerstone (self-managing teams care and support work in Scotland). We are particularly thankful to Wellbeing Teams for their generosity. They have shared so much with us, including self management techniques, documents and processes.

Our Central Team

Trudie Fell

Co-founder & CEO Bellevie

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Violaine Pierre

Co-founder & COO Bellevie 

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Mary Curran

Chief Care Officer

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Emma Pithers

Hub Developer

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