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Our Outstanding Care Team

Our small and local team of carers will support you to have good days at home.

We recruit carers based on values such as compassion, and their ability to focus on outcomes to support people to live well at home. We offer comprehensive training, peer-support and fair working conditions, enabling us to attract and retain top professionals. We are very proud of our team, and the impact they have every day! You can read stories about how our Care Team supported people to live well at home here

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Wellbeing Worker

Gemma was a support worker for adults with Learning Disabilities for many years, and a Teaching Assistant for primary school children with special needs. She really likes spending time with her loved ones, going out for meals, and to the theatre.



Wellbeing Worker

Caron worked for a car magazine for twenty years, was a Manager at a lady’s gym chain for three years, and ran a catering organisation. She has 2 dogs, loves cooking and baking (she has made lots of birthday cakes!), is a Reiki master, and likes to meditate. 



Wellbeing Worker

Louisa graduated in Psychology, and worked in retail before joining Bellevie Wellbeing Teams. She loves reading and cooking. She is our rota expert, making sure visits are scheduled to fit the needs of people we support and taking into account team members' availability.


Wellbeing Worker

Katy was a primary school teacher for over 20 years and knew how much she enjoyed caring for people. She has two teenage children and a dog. She loves reading and watching TV, as well as going for long walks with her dog, whatever the weather! 



Wellbeing Worker

Prior to joining Bellevie Wellbeing Teams, Tia worked as a admin and tickets Assistant in a football stadium, as a DJ, and beauty therapist. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking (her best recipe is a red Thai chicken curry!), and learning new things.

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Wellbeing Worker

Vicki has been working in care since she was sixteen, and likes making an impact in people's lives. She enjoys spending time with her four children, go out with friends for meals or a concert, and swimming.



Trusted Assessor and Occupational Therapist

Megan worked as a health care assistant in Oxfordshire hospitals for four years, and as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS for ten years. She loves to read, enjoys baking and getting crafty. She can knit but would love to learn how to do more than a square!