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Our response to Covid-19

Our priority is the wellbeing and safety of the people we support. We have always had a transparent and comprehensive approach to infection control. This stood us in good stead during the coronavirus pandemic and continues to protect us from all infections, including Covid-19. If you have any concerns please contact us today to discuss them with our team.

Emma Thames Valley Regional Wellbeing Support Leadercath-corner

Letter from our Wellbeing Support Leaders Emma Pithers and Cath Corner

At BelleVie, the wellbeing of the people we support and that of our Wellbeing Support Workers is our biggest priority.

As elderly people and those with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, we want to reassure the people we support, their families and our teams, that we continue to monitor the situation closely to do all we can to manage risks of spreading the virus.

Precautions taken

We encourage our frontline colleagues to have the Covid-19 vaccination. 98% of our frontline colleagues are double vaccinated and 80% have received their booster vaccination.

All of our frontline colleagues take Lateral Flow tests at the start of every working day, and our professional teams undergo comprehensive training in infection control. They follow industry guidance on hygiene from the UK’s Public Health Authorities. We maintain excellent supplies of personal protective equipment and provide additional equipment, such as gowns and higher specification masks (normally used in hospitals and not a requirement for home care), along with guidance on when and how to use them.

Everyone we support has their risks assessed in relation to Covid-19, as does every Wellbeing Support Worker. This enables us to see if there are any further steps we can take for each individual to keep them safe and well as we deliver care and support. This could be running errands, collecting prescriptions, or doing some shopping. We find creative ways to support mental wellbeing at a time when isolation is an even bigger issue than usual.

To ensure the highest standards of care and support possible, our Leadership Team assesses the situation regularly and follows the latest advice and guidance from Government and Health Officials. Our entire workforce is committed to ensuring that people we support remain safe throughout this challenging time.

Emma Pithers, Thames Valley Wellbeing Support Leader

Cath Corner, North East Wellbeing Support Leader

Last reviewed and updated: August 2022