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End of Life Care in Oxford – Supporting Jim

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We understand how difficult it is to come to terms with a terminal illness diagnosis. However, we’re here to help support you and your family. While we can take care of practical tasks to allow family members to spend precious time together, our holistic approach also means we will find ways to bring joy to those we’re supporting, as we did with Jim.

Jim’s Story 

When the Oxford team first met Jim he had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune skin disease, which was sadly terminal. He had also previously been diagnosed with dementia. Because of his skin disease, he was confined to a bed and had very little physical capacity.

At the time of his diagnosis, Jim was given four to five days to live. However, following another assessment medics confirmed his condition as stable.

When Jim’s wife, Ann, contacted us she was struggling to manage Jim’s skin disease on her own. Although she had previously employed a live-in carer,  this arrangement wasn’t working for them, and she was looking for a care alternative.

Ann loved that BelleVie focuses on the whole person and not just their physical needs. She liked that Jim was accepted as a unique individual, rather than a “tick box” exercise, and she knew that this approach would mean a better quality of life for her husband.

Following an initial conversation with one of our Trusted Assessors, where we found out more about Jim’s interests and wishes, Ann decided BelleVie was the right option for both her and Jim.

As the team got to know Jim, they each contributed elements of their own varying backgrounds to help make Jim’s day a little brighter. He started to really look forward to his visits, and it made Ann happy to see him so engaged. In particular, Jim loved the singing and poetry activities the team put together for him.

Although we were caring for Jim, Ann also really appreciated the support from our Wellbeing Support Workers, and felt she could turn to them for advice or comfort whenever she needed.

While the team helped Jim with practical care to allow Ann to spend more time with him, our person-centred approach meant they also worked hard to bring joy to each day during a difficult time, and for that Ann will be forever grateful.

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