Monthly Memberships

We know that everyone’s situation is different and as a result, your package will be tailored to suit your specific needs and aspirations. Your plan will be a simple fixed price each month with no extra charges for weekends or bank holidays. We focus on the overall well-being of the people we support. From our experience, no two days are the same – there may be days where you would like extra support, even if that’s just a chat, but there could also be days where you only briefly need our services.

An example of a tailored package

What's included

  • Weekly visits
  • Flexibility
  • Emergency visits
  • Nutritional advice
  • Occupational Therapist advice
  • Help with shopping or picking up medication supplies
  • Phone calls on your behalf to arrange appointments, or to contact your GP or Pharmacy
  • Regular team meetings where we discuss ideas for improving what we offer

What’s not included

  • Non-emergency, one-off additional visits on top of existing visits (daily trips, additional respite)

How BelleVie’s costs compare to other types of care


Live-in Care

Care Home

Average Monthly Cost




*BelleVie’s figures can range from £250 - £3,500 depending on needs. The figures for Live-in Care and Care Home are the UK average. Source: Laing and Buisson Care of Older People Report 30th Edition 2019

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We’re open 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

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How we compare

The following table gives you a comparison between BelleVie and other home care providers.


Other care providers

Living well at home. Focus on outcomes and wellbeing of the perosn recieving care.

Time and task model. Focus on hours.

Wellbeing support workers paid monthly with good working conditions, attracting top professionals. High retention.

Carers paid on zero hour contracts, with no paid time in between visits. High turnover of carers.

Local, smart teams working closely together.

Individual carers with no relationship to each other. Potential for lack of consistency of carers supporting the same person.

Monthly fixed pricing.

Hourly pricing with different rates on different days, and any additional support is billed on top.

Emergency additional visits included in the monthly pricing as well as longer visits when needed.

No flexibility in the visit times, clock-watching service.

Support provided outside of visit times included (such as scheduling medical appointments, picking up medication, shopping, calls with family members).

Any additional support will be charged on top of visits.

Access to an occupational therapist and nutritionist for advice included.

No additional services.

How we tailor our packages to our customers needs

Elderly woman holding a dog

Ellen was quite reluctant to get support, but her daughters strongly felt she’d benefit from having someone coming in for some companionship, and support with meal planning and shopping. We started with a package of 2 visits each week and shopping, for £340/month.

We give the people we support the flexibility to change their package to suit their changing needs. Ellen was no different, she started to enjoy the company of our Wellbeing Support Workers and asked to increase support to include daily visits to help her get ready for the day, have a shower, and get a good and nutritious breakfast. We visited her 7 days a week, with a new £980/month package.

Two men with cups of tea laughing

Alan had a complex medical history and had been diagnosed with dementia. His wife, Karen, was supporting him but she needed daily respite for her own wellbeing. We offered a package with long visits 7 days a week to go for walks along the river, play games, do crafts and to talk about animals and cars, which Alan was very passionate about. His monthly package cost £1385.

After a surgery and a few weeks in hospital, Amanda was very frail, and needed support 3 times a day, 7 days a week. We started supporting her on the day she was discharged from hospital. She needed help to get ready for the day, have breakfast and take her medication. Her medication after hospital was quite complex and our Wellbeing Team helped her sort it out, arranging visits with district nurses and follow-up hospital appointments. Her package costs £2510/month.