Sheila's Story

Supporting her love of birds and a connection from the past.

By Laura

Like traditional care services, BelleVie Wellbeing teams provide help with things such as washing, dressing, or medication, but, crucially, we also support people to do more of what matters to them. BelleVie Wellbeing Teams began to support Sheila to live well at home, helping her get ready for the day, enjoy her meals and get ready for bed.


The Wellbeing Workers soon learned that if Sheila was in the house all day, she would find herself bored, so the team make sure that each visit involves some fresh air. Sheila loves to feed and watch birds and was delighted when Lisa, one of our Wellbeing Workers, brought some bird food along. One of our Wellbeing workers also noticed that Sheila’s binoculars were broken, so gave her a spare pair to indulge in her love of birdwatching from afar.


Often at visits, Sheila would proudly share stories of her time as a nurse, sharing stories about where she’d worked and the people she worked with. Lisa, our Wellbeing worker, started to make the connection between her Mum, who had also worked as a nurse, and the stories Sheila was sharing.  It turned out that they had worked at the same hospital and had some colleagues in common. Lisa, with her Mum’s help, was able to source some photos from the time Sheila worked at the hospital and she was delighted to see them. 


Learning about Sheila’s love of movies, Lisa told her about a pop-up cinema which was being organised by Age UK.  Sheila was delighted with Lisa’s offer to go together; they really liked the movie and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other local people over coffee afterwards. 


On the way back from the cinema, Sheila asked to call at the shop for some marmalade, she said it made such a difference being able to choose from the shelves rather than asking someone to pick something up for her.