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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

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We started visiting Joan when she was first diagnosed with dementia to help her get ready for her day, and to support her to continue doing the things she loves. The team love creating special moments for Joan, such as baking her favourite cake that she has fond memories of making with her mum and her sister.

Joan’s daughter Catherine works full time and has a young family, so when she does get to see her mum she wants to spend quality time with her. We help to make this happen by organising all of the things Joan needs to thrive while living in the house she shared with her late husband. This way, when Catherine visits they have time to have a stroll along the riverside, or potter around the garden.

Thriving at home for Joan means she has nutritious, frozen meals delivered regularly to give her a break from cooking for a couple of nights a week. Because our Wellbeing Support Workers have built a strong relationship with Joan, they understand her likes and dislikes, and it’s this knowledge, paired with advice from a nutritionist, that is the basis for Joans tailored menu.The menu is then carefully selected by our team and shared with Joan during her support visit. Catherine also receives a copy of the menu and nutritionists advice once a month so she has peace of mind that her mum is eating well.

Joan also loves to look her best and get pampered, so we organise a regular visit from a mobile hairdresser, and appointments with our partner, Chrissy Cares (set up by Wellbeing Support Worker, Chrissy) for Joan to have her nails cut and painted.

Both Joan and Catherine are reassured by the support available from BelleVie, they know that if Joan ever needs anything the team are on-hand to help.

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