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Supporting Younger People - Women

Charlotte, 30, has PTSD and has associated physical symptoms, including chronic pain. Because of this, Charlotte can struggle with the social side of life and everyday tasks such as meal preparation and housework.

When we first met Charlotte she was very nervous about meeting new people. We made sure she felt comfortable, chatting to her over the phone first and offering additional information about the small team of Wellbeing Support Workers. We also spent time getting to know her, her interests and her concerns to understand how we can support her.

As she began to feel more comfortable, Charlotte opened up and now enjoys having someone to speak to regularly. She has built a strong relationship with Wellbeing Support Worker, Lisa. They bonded by sharing memories and experiences, which has resulted in an open, honest and trusted relationship. Lisa makes sure the environment is non-judgmental and open, so that Charlotte feels comfortable enough to communicate how she’s feeling.

Charlotte and Lisa also enjoy going shopping together, and planning nutritious meals for the week. Each day is different for Charlotte, but she now has the peace of mind that if, for example, she isn’t able to do the hoovering or wash the bedding herself, Lisa can support her. We offer Charlotte just enough support, and seeing a friendly face regularly has helped to build her confidence.

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