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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

Hands with nails and red nail varnish

Dorothy always likes to look her best, so when she needed her fingernails and toenails trimmed her daughter Marie asked BelleVie to help.

We organised for our partner, Chrissy Cares *link* (founded by Wellbeing Support Worker, Chrissy) to cut Dorothy’s nails. Unlike other nail services, Chrissy is trained to work with older people and delivers a compassionate, trusted service. In line with BelleVie’s values, Chrissy Cares doesn’t rush or watch the clock. Each treatment takes a minimum of one hour, and Dorothy loved having a chat while she was getting pampered.

To keep on top of her nail care Dorothy made it a monthly appointment, and because she booked via BelleVie, she didn’t have to worry about payment on the day, as it was added to her monthly invoice.

When Dorothy’s granddaughter got married she asked Chrissy to paint her nails for the special occasion. She was so pleased to have pretty nails to match her new outfit!

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