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Margaret’s Story

We met Margaret because even though she was very independent, after her husband Bill passed away, she was beginning to struggle with housework and looking after her dog, Toby.

We made sure that Margaret no longer had to worry about household chores such as the ironing and hoovering, allowing her more time to spend doing the things she enjoyed like reading, knitting and visiting friends. Because Bill had taken care of most of the DIY during their marriage, we were also there to support when little jobs around the house needed attention.

Margaret soon found that as well as having help with the everyday practical tasks, she also really enjoyed the company of Lucy, one of our Wellbeing Support Workers… who was a big hit with Toby too! Although we initially met Margaret to help her with jobs around the house which she was very grateful for, it was the relationship she developed with Lucy that helped her adjust to life without Bill, and she loves to share stories about their lives together.

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