About Us

Find out more about BelleVie, including our vision, values and commitment as well as an introduction to the Leadership Circle.

Our Vision

A world where people who give and receive care and support are valued and thrive together.

Our Values

  • We listen
  • We are compassionate.
  • We encourage ambition and creativity.
  • We are true to ourselves.
  • We take pride in everything we do, measured through outcomes.
  • We keep our promises and own our learning.

Our Commitment

Co-founders Trudie and Violaine founded BelleVie to create a new future for care and support work. They were initially introduced due to their shared passion for fair employment. As a result, they decided to focus on making support work the rewarding career that it should be. 

Their vision is a future that works for both the skilled professionals providing support, and for the people and families being supported.

The key to achieving this vision is to attract people with the right soft skills and values. The person-centred values of our Wellbeing Support Workers is what enables us to provide high quality care to those we support. 

Addressing the Crisis in Care

The care sector is in crisis and we are committed to being the drivers of change in the industry. At the source of this crisis is the struggle to attract and retain the right people. We can draw this conclusion from shocking figures such as the 10% vacancy rate in the industry, or the fact that 44% of home care workers leave their job every year. 

To support our theory, the BelleVie team conducted interviews with over 100 older adults and more than 600 care professionals. Following our research, we partnered with Helen Sanderson’s Wellbeing Teams for a year to help us develop a model that addressed the issues raised.

In short, we found that there is a real need for home care in the UK. And although 9 in 10 older adults would prefer to be supported in their own homes, this need is not currently being met. We are committed to offering an alternative to a care home or a retirement village, empowering older people to choose the right option for them.

Most importantly, our fresh approach to home care has been very popular with the people we support. And as a result, we are proud to be rated 9.9/10 on homecare.co.uk. 

Our Leadership Circle

Gemma Practice Coach Oxfordshire Abingdon


Practice Coach

Katy Burnett Wellbeing Support Worker Abingdon

Katy-Jane Burnett

Development Coach

Photo of Trudie Fell BelleVie CEO

Trudie Fell

BelleVie Co-Founder & CEO

Photo of BelleVie COO

Violaine Pierre

BelleVie Co-Founder & COO


North East Development Coach

Jill Elliott

BelleVie Relationship Lead

Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady

Recruitment and Operations Lead

Davinder Rana

Backend Developer

Stacey Harding

Lead Administrator



Wellbeing Support Lead - North East


Christian Kemp

Software Engineer