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About Us

Find out more about BelleVie, including our vision, values and commitment as well as an introduction to our Leadership Circle.

Our Vision

A society which values fulfilling careers in care, so every member of the care ecosystem is supported through meaningful, reciprocal relationships.

Our Mission

To reinvent the future of care, so communities are supported to thrive, and all members of the care ecosystem are valued.

  • Redefine care work and create a different future for the sector.
  • Change how we see ageing and care as a society. 
  • Build trusted relationships at every level.
  • Show that people still have something to offer in later life and that a job supporting this can be really fulfilling.
  • Get the BelleVie message across to structural stakeholders – and shift the mindset away from firefighting.

Our Values

Live Life Well

Supporting everyone to live life to the fullest, striving to thrive, not just survive.

Community value

 Creating meaningful, trusted relationships that enable individuals and communities to live together in a mutually beneficial way.


Driving change through ambitious, creative, and bold approaches.


Discovering and learning together, sharing success and failures with dignity and respect.


Our difference?

We are here to reinvent the future of care work. We are a purpose-driven community which supports life and independence, and puts relationships at the heart of everything we do.


Why do we exist ?

We are challenging the care sector to change. Too long has care been undervalued and under-resourced. By creating great jobs in care, we ensure carers can provide the best possible care, and all those receiving support can remain valued members of our community.


What do we do?

We’re bringing life and energy back to the care sector. Our teams build communities that care and focus on people, not tasks. We care about your needs, your hopes, your desires and your fears. Care is about supporting a life well lived, it’s work with meaning, not just a job.


How do we do it?

We are reinventing care by leading by example.

How? We put relationships at the heart of what we do. It’s about valuing people: care isn’t about the bare basics of survival, it’s about providing the support needed to thrive. It’s about independence, community and purpose. We’re taking things into our own hands, because it costs lives not to care.

If all care companies do what we do, later life would look very different.


Our Defining Attitude 

Leading with purpose. 

This defining attitude is about the impact of putting people first. 

It’s the common purpose, values and culture of BelleVie to not only care, but to lead by example, and change  the sector as a result. Purpose is about the bigger vision, in service to a collective goal – to listen, to learn, to grow, to nurture, to change things for the better.



Our Leadership Circle

Photo of Trudie Fell BelleVie CEO

Trudie Fell

BelleVie Co-Founder & CEO

Emma Pithers

Wellbeing Leader

Jill Elliott

BelleVie Relationship Lead

Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady

Recruitment and Operations Lead

Gemma Woollard

Practice Coach

Cath Corner

Wellbeing Lead

Giles Martin

Product Owner

Rachel Gregan

Marketing Lead

Lianne McEvoy

Lead Administrator