Companionship Care.

Whether it's a stroll in the park to enjoy nature or a cosy afternoon with a cup of tea, our caregivers are dedicated to making each day a little brighter.
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"The team are very good at communicating both through the app and verbally with myself. They provide a good, friendly service to my mother-in-law and have helped with improving her quality of life. If we need to request extra support, they always do their best to provide it, such as taking her to appointments or helping her do her food shop."
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Zoe - Daughter in Law of Supported Person

Sheila's Story

When we first visited Sheila, we quickly understood how we could help improve her quality of life. She was frustrated by being stuck in the house all day and often felt bored, which affected her both mentally and physically.

We built a relationship with Sheila and discovered what she truly enjoyed doing—the things that motivated her to get out of bed in the morning and brought a smile to her face. One of our very talented Wellbeing Support Workers, Lisa, was able to uncover this information because she had the time to build a trusting, personal relationship with Sheila. Lisa discovered that Sheila enjoyed birdwatching, so we provided a spare pair of binoculars to replace her broken ones. Sheila also loved going to the cinema, so Lisa accompanied her to a pop-up cinema organised by Age UK. In addition to activities, Sheila cherished the companionship of others and enjoyed sharing stories with Lisa over a cup of tea about her time as a nurse.

Sheila’s quality of life greatly improved, and our support enabled her to meet new people as well as develop a wonderful relationship with Lisa. They even recently discovered that Sheila and Lisa’s mum worked at the same hospital!

Companionship care of the highest standard is provided by BelleVie as part of a specialist care package.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Companionship Care?

Companionship care is all about brightening someone's day with genuine human connection and support. Designed for individuals who might feel isolated or lonely, this care goes beyond just helping out—it’s about forming meaningful friendships and enriching lives. Caregivers, who become true friends, engage in lively conversations, join in on outings, assist with hobbies, and share in daily activities. They ensure that every moment is filled with warmth, laughter, and a sense of belonging, making each day a little brighter.

Companionship Care with BelleVie

At BelleVie Care, our ethos revolves around community and personal connections. We believe in the power of companionship, not just as a service but as a way of life. Our Wellbeing Support Workers aren't merely caregivers; they're your neighbours and friends, deeply ingrained in the community. They're here to bridge the gap, to offer companionship, a friendly chat, or a helping hand, even if it's just for a few hours a week - to support you or your loved ones through the winter months.

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