Learning Disability Care.

At BelleVie, we offer personalised support to adults with learning or developmental disabilities. Our services promote independence, aid self-direction, and help safeguard health and wellbeing.
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BelleVie have been a big help to our almost-independent adult daughter. Not only do the carers diligently and cheerfully carry out the home-support tasks asked of them, they provide great personal support, showing a good understanding and appreciation of our daughter's particular needs and sensitivities. The fact that they truly respect her views, feelings and opinions is a very pleasant change from some other institutions and professionals, and has had a very positive impact on her.
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Mike - Father of Supported Person

Kevin's Story

Kevin, 19, is autistic and recently began studying at college. To help him prepare for his transition from school to college, we provided reablement support through travel training. This included planning his route, accompanying him on practice runs, and addressing any “what if” scenarios. Because of this support, Kevin became confident about travelling to the city centre. Instead of worrying about how he was going to get to college, he could focus on his studies.

During lockdown, Kevin found it challenging to keep in touch and maintain his relationships with friends. The Wellbeing Support Workers helped by signing him up for Zoom and social media platforms, enabling him to connect with his friends virtually.

Kevin also loved exercising, so Wellbeing Support Worker Marc, who had previous experience in fitness and nutrition, trained with him three times a week. Kevin and Marc enjoyed cooking nutritious meals together and recently perfected five staple recipes for Kevin to cook on his own.

Through this comprehensive support, Kevin not only managed his transition to college successfully but also maintained his social connections and developed his independence and life skills. This holistic approach ensured Kevin could live his life to the fullest, focusing on his interests and education with confidence.

Learning Disability Care of the highest standard is provided by BelleVie as part of a specialist care package.
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Frequently asked questions

Learning Disability Care with BelleVie

Our highly trained Wellbeing Support Workers provide care in and around the home. The level of support can vary. Some people may need minimal intervention to live independently, whereas others may benefit from round-the-clock assistance. Our care packages are as unique as the people we support. Services can include anything from help with household tasks and personal care, to prepping for a job interview.

How could you benefit from Adult Care?

If you’re considering moving into your own home, or perhaps need some support in the home you’re already in, BelleVie can help you live the life you want to live. First, you’ll be paired with talented individuals from our small local teams. People whose passions and values match your own. Then, they’ll get to know you – everything from what you like for breakfast to your greatest aspirations. After that, they’ll be there for you, whenever you need them, helping you achieve the goals that matter most.