Personal Care.

At BelleVie, we deliver compassionate Personal Care that respects your dignity and promotes independence at home.
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I can’t rate BelleVie high enough. They have cared for Mum and Dad for a couple of years, nothing is ever too much trouble for any member of the team. We welcomed them into Mum and Dad's home and they very quickly became part of the family, they genuinely care deeply for Mum and Dad and the care they offer is so amazing, they are all so kind, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
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Jayne - Daughter of Supported Person

Jim & Maggie's Story

We visited Jim and Maggie regularly to support them with washing, cleaning, and other household activities, ensuring they had an environment in which they could thrive.

Both Jim and Maggie found it difficult to leave the house, so it was important their home was a place where they could spend quality time together and relax.

The Wellbeing Support Workers recommended an assessment, carried out by our Occupational Therapist, to help them make the most of their home. Following the assessment, we sourced products to make day-to-day activities easier, giving them more time and energy to do the things they enjoyed.

Small additions to their home, such as a tipping kettle for Jim to make his morning cup of coffee or a hands-free hairdryer for Maggie to dry her hair easily, made a big difference in their lives.

Personal Care of the highest standard is provided by BelleVie as part of a specialist care package.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Personal Care?

Personal care encompasses a wide range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. It includes tasks such as assisting with oral hygiene, bathing, and dressing. We also offer support with changing incontinence pads, aiding with toileting, changing and laundering bed sheets, maintaining wound hygiene post-surgery, and providing grooming assistance like shaving. Whatever your requirements may be, our team is here to provide the necessary assistance and support to ensure your comfort and wellbeing.

Personal Care with BelleVie.

Our goal is to empower you to maintain as much independence as possible in your daily life. While our carers are here to provide support when needed, we also encourage and assist you in developing strategies to enhance your independence and confidence in managing personal care tasks. Through collaborative goal-setting and encouragement, we help you maintain a sense of autonomy and control over your personal care routines.

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