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Bellevie Care Achieves B Corp Certification: Elevating Homecare Standards

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We’re thrilled to announce a significant achievement: BelleVie Care has officially earned our B Corp Certification! This achievement represents a major step forward in our dedication to providing compassionate and sustainable care at home.

As a B Corp, we’re not just about business as usual – we are wholeheartedly committed to upholding the highest standards of social responsibility. While it’s not a secret that ethical practices have always been at the core of our beliefs, this certification serves as a powerful reinforcement of our pledge to make a positive impact. And underpins our commitment to reinvent the future of care.


What is a B Corp?

B Corporations are a growing group of companies who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit. As a B Corp in the homecare sector, we’re not just in it for the bottom line. We’re all about purpose-driven business, putting our community, colleagues, and society front and centre. This certification isn’t just a badge; it’s a testament to our deep-rooted belief in making a positive impact on the lives of those we support and the wider community.


The Path to Certification

There are currently 2000 companies in the UK with B Corp certification – Becoming a B Corp Certified company is a rigorous journey, with stringent assessments ensuring accountability and transparency across all aspects of operations – with only 3% of applicants managing to achieve certification. 


‘BelleVie has always been about doing the right thing for people, both those providing and receiving care. Our vision is for everyone in the care ecosystem to be valued and supported. The B Corp movement believes in the same things as us, in that we both want to use business for good. It was a natural step for us to cement our commitment to positive impact by certifying as B Corp. The process was rigorous! but it’s great validation of our ways of working to receive this certification. We’re looking forward to learning from others in the B Corp community.’

          Trudie Fell – BelleVie CEO & Founder


What does B Corp certification mean for BelleVie?

We are proud to join a community of companies with a shared commitment to fostering positive impacts on individuals, communities, and the environment. From prioritising fair wages and employee wellbeing to implementing sustainable and innovative practices in our operations, every aspect of our business is underpinned by:

Our vision

To build a society which values fulfilling careers in care, so every member of the care ecosystem is supported through meaningful, reciprocal relationships.

And our mission

To reinvent the future of care, so communities are supported to thrive, and all members of the care ecosystem are valued.


What binds all B Corps is the idea that business success isn’t just about making money. It’s about building a society where everyone can thrive together in the long run. And for us, being anything other than a B Corp just doesn’t make sense. We want to provide value for all our stakeholders – and B Corp certification demonstrates that we work toward:


  • A defined mission: Our B Corp certification underscores our commitment to a clear and impactful mission, guiding our efforts to use business as a force for positive change.


  • Happier Colleagues: We’re dedicated to creating a supportive and fulfilling workplace environment, prioritising the wellbeing and satisfaction of all our colleagues. 


  • Happier Customers: We’re all about putting people first. Our priority is delivering products and services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of those we support. By staying focused on our customers’ needs and preferences, we ensure their satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships based on trust and excellence.


  • Transparency & Accountability: From our operations to our decisions, transparency and accountability are our guiding principles. By being open and honest, we build trust and confidence with everyone involved, ensuring we can continue to serve our stakeholders with integrity and reliability.


  • Long-Term Sustainability: By embracing innovative, sustainable practices, we’re securing our place in the industry for the long haul. This means not only delivering exceptional care now but also ensuring we can keep doing so well into the future, all while making a positive impact on society and the environment.


A better future of care

In the face of pressing challenges in social care, BelleVie is revolutionising the field with a model focused on community, autonomy, and genuine connection. Inspired by the Buurtzorg approach – which revolutionised community nursing in the Netherlands, we empower local teams to provide person-centred care, fostering trusted relationships and fulfilling careers. By prioritising humanity over checklists, we’re reshaping care into a journey of dignity and respect. Join us in championing a future where everyone thrives, and care is truly transformative.

For more information about becoming a B Corp, visit How to certify as a B Corp – B Lab UK (bcorporation.uk)

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