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Healthy ageing research for Thrive

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Thrive is working with research partner VOICE, part of the UK’s National Centre for Ageing, so that we can better understand what services and products to bring to the market-place that will create a world in which our ageing population can live better lives, at home, for longer.

VOICE is a unique organisation, comprising a large network of citizens across the UK and internationally. Members contribute insights, experience, ideas, and vision to identify unmet needs and opportunities, to drive innovation for ageing and improve health research.

We surveyed respondents from the VOICE network about their experiences and needs regarding support networks and accessing services, The majority of participants were aged 40 to 80 . The first phase of research focused on how the ageing population interact and engage with local services, what helps them choose and trust a provider, and how they consume technology to facilitate this.


What we found…

Trust was the most important reason for choosing a preferred source of information when looking for services and consumers looked at a wide range of sources for their services. Trust based sources such as word of mouth, local charities, and local authorities, are popular choices for information sources.


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