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Meet Our New Thrive Nutritionist and Qualified Yoga Instructor 

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Thrive is excited to announce the newest Nutritionist and Yoga instructor to join our Thrive team. Meet Ify!

Ify has already set to work, bringing a fresh start to 2023 through 1-2-1 and group yoga sessions, nutrition plans, and tailored wellness advice within retirement communities in our Thames Valley region. 

Wellbeing Instructor

Ify  is a Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Licensed Brain Health Practitioner. She offers nutrition and lifestyle programmes to optimise wellbeing, using cutting-edge science technology alongside natural therapies to create bespoke treatment plans.

She’s already bringing her ‘wellness’ approaches to help people with conditions such as digestive issues, aches and pains, hormonal imbalance, skin complaints, memory loss, sleep problems or stress. Her focus is on making small adaptations to bodies and lifestyles, such as our posture, breathing, level of movement and mindfulness, to help conditions and enable a healthier, happier lifestyle.  


Health and wellness for older adults

Most of us know what we should be doing in terms of our nutrition and know we should be moving our bodies more, yet we struggle to implement it into our daily lives. Ify can create a wellness plan that works for either an individual or a group within your community. She provides regular support to ensure everyone stays on track and achieves their goals.

Group or individual plans can include;

  • Weekly meet-ups, either online or in person
  • Weekly yoga, mindfulness or meditation sessions 
  • Mindfulness and movement sessions 
  • Inspiring food guides
  • A practical and easy to implement plan that works for your life


Group or individual yoga sessions 

Yoga is a proven safe and effective way to enhance physical health and overall wellbeing. Many communities also enjoy these group sessions as a way to connect and meet new people – and stay well! Our group or individual activities can result in;

  • An all-round stronger body
  • Strengthened bones, which in turn can prevent the onset of osteoporosis 
  • Improved joint mobility 
  • Enhanced flexibility 
  • Improved balance, which can also help to prevent falls 
  • A mood-booster that reduces feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • As well as alleviating those niggling aches and pains!

If you think  your community would benefit from organising group or individual sessions with Ify, or another of our Thrive Wellness practitioners please reach out to us at thrive@belleviecare.co.uk or by calling 01235 639 355.

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