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An evening at the Oxford Symphony

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At BelleVie, we are proud to offer more than just care. Exemplary for this is the story of Corinne accompanying Hannah* to a classic concert of the Oxford symphony. 

Corinne and her team in Oxfordshire had been supporting Hannah*, who suffers from cerebral ataxia, which means she struggles to control her limbs. Through chats over a cup of tea, Corinne discovered her passion for playing the piano. Talking nostalgically about her time as a violinist in an orchestra prompted Corinne to loan a keyboard. Playing piano together during visits helped Hannah* rediscover her love for music. The joy was so infectious that she promised to accompany her to a live orchestra. This promise was left answered last weekend, as they attended a classic concert of the Oxford symphony. 

She had the best view in the theatre. Sitting in the front row let her see all the details behind the sounds coming from the delicate instruments. All this would not have been possible without developing a personal relationship, which is the key to Bellevie’s mission. 

*Real name undisclosed for privacy reasons
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