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Redefining Homecare in Buckinghamshire: The BelleVie Way

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We recently launched our first-ever team in Buckinghamshire. Our journey to this point has been nothing short of incredible, and it’s all about our commitment to providing local care for local people. At the core of our mission is our dedication to helping people live the life they want, right in the comfort of their own homes. And our latest expansion into High Wycombe and its surrounding areas is another step to help even more people!


So what makes us different from other Homecare providers?


Local Carers and Community Focus

We’re all about community, through and through. Our commitment to values-based approach to recruitment means we seek out individuals from the local area who share our dedication to providing the best care possible. We’re not just caregivers; we’re your neighbours, your friends, and trusted members of the community. Your well-being is our wellbeing, and that’s what strengthens our community bonds.

At BelleVie Care, we firmly believe that the best care comes from those who are deeply rooted in the community, who understand the area, and who share a profound connection with the residents they support. Our Wellbeing Support Workers aren’t just professionals; they’re a vital part of the Buckinghamshire community, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of everyone within it.



Person-Centred Care

We’re waving goodbye to the days of rigid time and task-based care. We recognise the unique humanity of each individual we support. Every person has their own story, preferences, and emotions, and we honour that. Our primary focus isn’t just about getting through a to-do list; it’s about building meaningful connections.

No two individuals are alike, so why should their care be the same? We offer personalised care plans that cater specifically to your needs and preferences.

Whether we’re helping with daily tasks, providing companionship, or assisting with various activities, our aim is to provide care with the utmost dignity and respect. It’s not just about existing; it’s about thriving and living life to the fullest. That’s the BelleVie Care way!



Self-Managing Teams

Our small self-managing teams, inspired by the Dutch ‘Buurtzorg’ model, are a breath of fresh air in the world of homecare. We empower local caregivers to make the crucial decisions about care. These teams, deeply rooted in the community, understand the unique needs of each individual. This approach allows for personalised, flexible care that goes beyond the cookie-cutter approach. It’s all about fostering stronger connections and making a genuine impact




A Closer Look at Our Impact

At BelleVie Care, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our unwavering commitment to quality care is supported by solid evidence. To understand our impact, let’s dive into some key facts and figures:


Inspired by Success

We drew inspiration from the highly successful Buurtzorg model in the Netherlands, which has not only elevated job satisfaction for caregivers but has also significantly reduced hospital admissions. We were among the pioneering care companies in the UK to embrace this innovative approach.


Award-Winning Excellence

Our dedication to providing exceptional care has not gone unnoticed. BelleVie Care has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades, including titles such as ‘Most Outstanding Homecare Provider,’ ‘Best Palliative/End-of-life Expertise,’ ‘Innovative Technology Expertise,’ and ‘Best for Team Support’ at the prestigious 2023 Homecare Awards. These awards serve as a testament to our relentless pursuit delivering great care.


Community-Centric Care

We are committed to fostering job opportunities within our local communities. This approach not only creates economic opportunities but also ensures that our caregivers have an innate understanding of the unique needs and preferences of Buckinghamshire residents.


Monthly Care, Lasting Connections

At BelleVie Care, we charge on a monthly basis, rather than hourly. This approach allows us to provide dedicated and uninterrupted care, enabling our caregivers to build genuine connections with those we support. This not only enhances job satisfaction among our caregivers but also elevates the overall quality of care provided.


Exceptional NPS Score

Our outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95% is a clear reflection of our commitment to customer satisfaction. The NPS measures how likely customers are to recommend BelleVie’s services, and our score greatly outperforms the healthcare industry average of only 58%.


CQC’s Stamp of Approval

We’re proud to announce that BelleVie Care has been rated as ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), highlighting our dedication to maintaining high standards of care and safety for our clients.


Positive Feedback and Rave Reviews

At BelleVie Care, we deeply appreciate the heartfelt feedback and positive reviews from the people we support and their families. These testimonials reflect the trust and the meaningful impact we’ve had in their lives. We’re sincerely grateful for this trust, and it motivates us to consistently exceed expectations as we continue to make a tangible difference and nurture lasting relationships.


“Excellent, cannot fault anything, please tell them that. Those were the first words that my mother said when I mentioned I had been asked to do a review for BelleVie. At first, my mum was very reluctant to have help but as she worsened she accepted she needed it. However, the care she is receiving has quickly changed her mind and she could not be happier, she feels she has made real friends with the ladies that care for her – they cannot do enough to help. From my perspective, it lessens the worry, knowing that she is happy with the care and gets to bed safely at night. Thank you.”

Son of Person We Support


BelleVie Care is more than just a care agency; we are a part of the local community, offering hope, support, and companionship to those who wish to live life to the fullest at home. We are transforming lives with our community-driven model of care, and our commitment to local care for local people is at the heart of everything we do.



If you or a loved one are looking for some extra support, contact us today for a friendly chat.

To find out more about what we offer visit our services page: Home Care and Wellbeing Packages | BelleVie Care

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