Well-being of Care Workers

One of the biggest challenges in home care are the high levels of staff turnover and vacancies. That's why...

We care for care workers so that they can care for others.

But what does “caring for care workers” mean? What are care workers’ needs and aspirations? 


We are delighted to have partnered with the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) on their annual survey of the well-being of care workers. The report, published on Professional Care Workers' Day on the 4th September, contains results and analysis of the answers from 628 care professionals. 

The report highlights the struggles of the care workforce, in particular related to the misuse of zero hour contracts, the low and unpredictable pay, the poor relationships with management, and the lack of recognition for this skilled and demanding work. 


“Very long hours for very little pay. I'm in this job for the people who need the care, certainly not the money.

It is rewarding and challenging. My family do get affected especially with late finishes and no pay for the travel time.”

It’s fascinating that despite the hardship, more than 80% of respondents enjoy their work. 


“I know my actions have a direct impact on the lives of others and I am reminded of how fortunate I am.”


We are using this research to build our business model and our offer to employees: fair, annual salaries with guaranteed shifts, empowered teams, personal development and emotional support. 

This work is part of a programme with the Wellcome Trust, Bethnal Green Ventures, Zinc and Big Society Capital to explore how to better bring together research and early stage ventures tackling mental health.