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Research into wellbeing of care workers

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BelleVie prides itself on creating an environment where our carers – our Wellbeing Support Workers – thrive. When our colleagues feel valued and thrive, then they are able to support others to thrive.

BelleVie teamed up with the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) to carry out research into the emotional, physical and financial well-being of professional care workers. Over 260 care and support workers from across the UK responded to our survey. The report was published on National Professional Care Workers day.

Wellbeing of Professional Care Workers Report

The report showed that, sadly, many care workers experience burn-out and feel unsupported in their roles. A large proportion of respondents felt financially insecure, lacking savings and the freedom to take a much-needed holiday. However, there were positives too. The majority of participants enjoy their work, with many reporting that helping people is fulfilling and makes them feel good about themselves.

BelleVie used the findings from this report to build an organisation that supports and values our Wellbeing Support Workers. We are an accredited real Living Wage employer and, importantly, pay this rate for the whole shift, not just the time that is spent on visits. This sets us apart from many other care providers. Our model is based on teams of around 10 Wellbeing Support Workers, recruited locally to support people in their local community. The peer support within teams is invaluable. Teams are supported by Coaches and work within the BelleVie framework. We’re always looking at ways to improve how we operate, but are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive from our colleagues.


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