Adult Care
Adult Care
As health and social care providers, we offer adult care services to those in need. If you or a loved one is in need of help and support, BelleVie is here to offer a wide range of care services at home.

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Adult Care Services from BelleVie

At BelleVie we provide tailored adult care services at home for those that need it. Adult social care helps people to stay independent, healthy, and enables you to lead the life you love. If you or a loved one are over 18 and in need of some support, contact us on 01235 355 570 or fill in our online form.


What Is Adult Care?

Adult care services are a valuable resource for adults over the age of 18 who may need help and assistance with general tasks to continue to live independently in their own homes. These services include support for all aspects of daily living and can be especially useful for individuals who may be struggling with physical or cognitive decline, disability, or chronic health conditions.

It is suitable for all sorts of people and can provide either a short-term stop-gap, to help you get back on your feet after an illness or surgery, or a longer-term solution for those who want ongoing care, and who may otherwise need to move into supported housing, a retirement community, or a care home.


What Are the Different Types of Adult Care Services?

Everyone is different, and so the services we offer vary depending on individual needs and circumstances. 

It may be that you or a loved one needs help with gardening, or household tasks. Some of the people we work with simply want support getting out and about, or to have company at home; others ask our Wellbeing Support Workers to run errands for them, go grocery shopping, or take the dog for a walk.

But BelleVie offers more than general support. We also provide more specialised personal and healthcare services, designed and tailored to allow older people and/or those with specific needs to live as independently as possible in their own homes.


A Shopping List Of Services

While we would tailor a care package to suit your exact needs, we’ve listed a few of our more popular services, below, to give you an idea of how BelleVie could help enable and enhance your lifestyle:

Physical Assistance

Need help around the house? Or with personal health and hygiene? 

We’ve got you covered!  

Social support

Keen to make more in-person connections, attend a regular class, or make the most of your surroundings with day-trips and outings?

Our Wellbeing Support Workers offer a friendly face, a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on.

Orientation for young adults

Never lived alone before and feeling a little overwhelmed? 

BelleVie can help you hone your life skills, put you in touch with local providers and services, and set you on the path to independent living.


Doctor’s appointments to attend? Prescriptions to collect? If you live off the beaten track, have mobility issues, or don’t have access to a vehicle, then everyday life may feel challenging.

BelleVie’s Wellbeing Support Workers can help get you from A to B, and are happy to run errands so you don’t have to.


Adult Care Services From BelleVie

We’ve made the process of arranging our adult support services easier than ever, starting with a simple conversation. During our initial chat, we’ll discuss what you need and want from a care provider, and explore which of our services would work for you and your lifestyle. From there, the onus is on us to develop a bespoke care plan to match your brief – one that we can alter and adjust together until it is the perfect fit! 

We prioritise a people-first approach. We take the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and interests so that we can provide personalized care that suits you best. Our adult care services are flexible, with both short-term and long-term options available. If your needs or preferences change, we can adjust your care plan to ensure that you receive the exact support you require. Our local wellbeing support workers are readily available by phone to provide you with the care and support you need.


How Much Do Adult Care Services Cost?

As we’ve said, every care plan is different, and so we don’t have set packages. What we do have is a unique payment structure that means you get flexible access to support, when and where you need it – because, just as everyone is different, every week is different too!

To get a free, no-obligation quote for adult social care please call our friendly team now. Or visit our web page to find more information about the level of care we offer. Our site has a wide range of helpful guides and information for those who are looking for care for themselves, and for relatives looking to support a loved one.


Adult Care FAQs

What is home care for adults?

Home care for adults refers to a variety of services that enable people to live freely in their own homes and communities, such as assistance with daily duties, transportation, and social activities.


What are adult care and support needs?

Adult care and support needs include the aid and support persons over 18 may need to live freely in their own homes and communities.


Can I get adult care services at my home?

Home care services can be offered to adults at home.


Do insurance companies cover adult care services?

Insurance policies can often cover the cost of adult care expenses. The type of care and your insurance policy will determine this.


Is it safe for my loved one to be in the care of an unknown person while I am away?

With a BelleVie-trained and experienced care provider, you can rest easy knowing a loved one is being well looked after.



Keen To Know More? 

Our team of trained and compassionate Wellbeing Support Workers are ready, willing and able to support you or a loved one in whatever way works best for you. Fill in our online contact form now, or call our friendly team today to discuss your options.



Let’s Talk

Would you like to speak to someone about your needs or tailoring a bespoke plan? Contact Jill, our dedicated Relationships Lead on the best option for you:

Booking a free consultation is easy!

Contact Jill, our dedicated Wellbeing and Family Communication Lead to discuss your needs and aspirations and she will guide you through how BelleVie can support you.
Initial Conversation
For support visits, the next step is for our Trusted Assessor to visit you at home to get to know you better. Following this visit, we’ll design your tailored support plan. It’s really that simple.
Support Plan
Following the initial conversation, we will send you a monthly pricing package based on your needs. We will then create a person-centred care and support plan and your package will start.
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