Comfort Care
Comfort Care
We provide comfort care services to those who need it. If you or a loved one needs some help or support, BelleVie is here to help you remain comfortable in your own home. And support you with every aspect of daily living.

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Comfort Care Services Offered by BelleVie

Comfort care is a type of medical care that focuses on relieving the pain, stress, and other symptoms of a serious illness. It can also encompass emotional and spiritual support, as well as personal care and practical help around the home. 

Comfort care is most commonly provided to patients who are in the final stages of a terminal illness, such as stage 4 cancer or end-stage organ failure, but people living with chronic conditions may also find it helpful.

At BelleVie, we can offer a wide range of care services to meet your unique needs, or those of a loved one. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised support, and we work closely with families to ensure our care plans and teams are just what the doctor ordered!



What is Comfort Care?

As we’ve said, comfort care is most commonly required during the final stages of a terminal illness, when a patient is no longer responding to curative treatment. The idea is to make them as comfortable as possible, and to provide support for their family and loved ones as they process difficult emotions – often while juggling work, childcare or other commitments.

The type of comfort care plan offered will depend on the individual, their needs, preferences and circumstances. Usually, it will involve some level of health or medical care, but it may also take the form of companionship and/or mental, spiritual or emotional support.

Comfort care is often provided by more than one person, as it requires a mix of skills and expertise. So, for example, medics – such as GPs or registered nurses – may work alongside social workers, chaplains, and other individuals to ensure all of a patient’s needs are met. 

Although comfort care can be provided in a lot of different settings, we find that most patients want to be able to live and die in their own home and on their own terms.


When Are Comfort Care Services & Support Needed?

If someone is living with a terminal illness, they or their family may feel they need help managing medication, carrying out everyday tasks, and/or need support coming to terms with what’s happening. 

Equally, while a chronic condition such as dementia wouldn’t necessarily be considered ‘terminal’, it can pose many physical, practical and emotional challenges that an experienced comfort care provider is well-equipped to answer.

And while the patient is at the heart of everything we do and everything we stand for at BelleVie, we understand that any kind of terminal or chronic diagnosis will weigh heavily with family and friends – we therefore do our utmost to help them process what is happening too. 


How Do Comfort Care Services Work?

You can arrange comfort care for yourself or a loved one by giving our team a call today. During our initial conversation, we will discuss the level of support and assistance you require as well as how often it’s needed. From here, we can create a tailored care plan and discuss associated fees.


How Much Do Comfort Care Services Cost?

Home social care services for the community are an affordable option for anyone in need of extra help at home. But since each care plan is made completely bespoke to the individual, we are unable to provide an estimate for how much adult care costs. To get a free, no-obligation quote for adult social care please call our friendly team now. Or visit our web page to find more information about the level of care we offer. Our site has a wide range of helpful guides and information for those who are looking for care for themselves as well as relatives concerned about a loved one.

Adult Care FAQs

What is comfort care?

Comfort care provides both physical and mental relief to patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal or serious chronic disease. 

What are examples of comfort measures?

Comfort measures can be as simple as having someone to talk to about your thoughts, wishes and concerns, and/or may involve medication and pain management as well as personal care. 

How long does comfort care last?

As long as it needs to. For patients with a terminal disease, that could be days, weeks, months, or longer. Our flexible approach means we can extend and adapt care packages as required. 

Is comfort care the same as a hospice?

No, comfort care means providing help at home and doesn’t mean end-of-life residential care.

Is comfort care covered by insurance companies?

In some cases, comfort care is covered by insurance policies, but you should check with your insurance provider first.


Book Comfort Care From BelleVie

At BelleVie, we treat everyone in the way we’d like to be treated ourselves, which may be why we won the 2021 Home Care Awards and have been recognised as one of the top 20 Home Care Groups in the UK for 2022. 

Whether you or your loved one require daily medication management and pain relief, weekly wellbeing support to help manage emotions, or ad hoc help now and again, BelleVie’s flexibility means we can provide you with a bespoke care service – one that truly reflects your needs, preferences, and values. 

If you’d like your loved one to benefit from compassionate care that’s provided by experienced hands, then get in touch for a no-obligation chat. Call 01235423564 or fill in a contact form online!


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