Community Care
Community Care
We provide community care services to those who need it. If you or a loved one needs some help or support, BelleVie is here to help you live your best life from the comfort of your own home.

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Community Care Services Offered by BelleVie

Community care services can help adults of any age live as independently as possible in their own homes.

Some people don’t call upon us until later in life, when perhaps they’re prompted by deteriorating health or a newly diagnosed illness. Other people, who may be living with lifetime or chronic conditions, want our support much sooner. And then there are those who, as young adults, don’t have specific medical ailments, but just want a helping hand to set them on the road to independent living.

Whatever your circumstance, if you feel like everyday life is more challenging than it should be, then that doesn’t necessarily mean independent living isn’t for you – it may just be time to call in the professionals…


What Are BelleVie’s Community Care Services?

The care we offer at BelleVie provides services as part of the Social Care Act 2012 to adults. It is a valuable support system for many people, particularly older adults, and we are committed to providing it in the best way possible. 

Our team of trained, compassionate carers can help with a wide range of services from personal care and help about the house, to companionship, cooking and chauffeuring (you can find out more in our ‘Use BelleVie’s Care Services & Support’ section, below). We don’t have set packages. Instead, we tailor our offering to meet your specific needs. As well as taking your requirements into account, we also listen to your wishes, preferences and values so you can live your life your way: Your home, your rules!


What support do we provide?

Whatever level of support you or your loved one require, you can be sure that our team of trained, caring carers can help. Options include:

  • Personal care –  Help with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing

  • Medication management – Ensuring you or your loved one takes the right meds at the right time in the right dosage

  • Transportation – Support getting to and from appointments or running errands

  • Companionship – This can be in the home, but you or your loved one may also wish to go on outings and day trips, and/or to attend regular events or classes 

At BelleVie, we make it our mission to help people live as independently as possible in their own home. If you or someone you care about needs support, our team is just a phone call away. Our award-winning services have helped hundreds of adults throughout the country already – check out what they have to say about us in our Review section.


How Much Do BelleVie’s Services Cost?

People of all ages may benefit from care if they need help with daily tasks or help to live independently in their own homes. In some cases, financial assistance may be given by city councils or through grants for community care. Alternatively, some insurance policies may help fund some or all of the care required. 

At BelleVie, we do everything we can to provide value without compromising on quality. If you’d like to know what we can do for you or a loved one within a set budget, then contact us for a no-obligation chat – you can either call us on 01235423564 or fill in our online form and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.




What is a community care grant?

A community care grant is a one-time payment from the government that helps people with particular problems like poor health. It can be used to help them pay for changes they need to make to their homes, buy household items, or other necessities. For more information, contact your local council. 

Who can get a community care grant?

Community care grants are typically available to individuals who need support to live independently in their own homes, but may not have the financial means to pay for them themselves.

Can I get community care services for my loved ones at home?

Yes, community care services can be provided to individuals in their own homes.



Arrange BelleVie Community Care

Our team of trained and compassionate carers are ready to help you or a loved one when it comes to care and support at home. Whether you need help getting dressed and bathing in the morning due to a medical condition, or you are struggling with living alone for the first time, our care providers can help improve your quality of life.

Fill in our online contact form now, or feel free to call our friendly team.



Let’s Talk

Would you like to speak to someone about your needs or tailoring a bespoke plan? Contact Jill, our dedicated Relationships Lead on the best option for you:

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Contact Jill, our dedicated Wellbeing and Family Communication Lead to discuss your needs and aspirations and she will guide you through how BelleVie can support you.
Initial Conversation
For support visits, the next step is for our Trusted Assessor to visit you at home to get to know you better. Following this visit, we’ll design your tailored support plan. It’s really that simple.
Support Plan
Following the initial conversation, we will send you a monthly pricing package based on your needs. We will then create a person-centred care and support plan and your package will start.
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