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Edith’s Story

When Edith’s family first contacted us they explained that Edith had dementia, and they were looking for someone to support her with taking her medication. After speaking with Edith at her home, we realised there were many ways we could support her to live a more fulfilling life, beyond just getting by each day.

One of our Wellbeing Support Workers, Josephine, built a really good rapport with Edith, and she quickly understood what brought a smile to her face. Edith often spoke about a local area, Farmoor Reservoir, that she used to visit regularly with her husband. She had many special memories of walking around the reservoir and having picnics, but she hadn’t visited since her husband passed away. Josephine decided to organise a trip to the reservoir, and they walked around chatting while Edith reminisced about her time with her husband.

Josephine also discovered that Edith had stopped playing the piano because she struggled to read the music. To resolve this, Josephine found an old hymn that Edith was fond of and photocopied the notes to enlarge them, making them easier to read. Edith enjoyed playing the piano, while Josephine sang along.

When Edith started to struggle to get the required fluid intake, we introduced Jelly Drops (sweets containing 90% water endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Society). Edith liked the colours of the sweets, and the fact they were solid, easy to swallow and flavoured.

By taking a holistic approach to Edith’s support rather than just focusing on the practical side of care, we were able to help Edith to enjoy life again.

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