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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

Well being support worker brushing Joan's hair

Joan’s family contacted BelleVie for support after she was diagnosed with dementia. Because Joan needed extra support, the family had considered a care home but Joan had lived in her home for over fifty years and had great relationships with her neighbours and friends in the area. They also felt staying at home and being in familiar surroundings would help Joan feel more comfortable and willing to accept the help. We began visiting three times a day, once in the morning to help her get dressed and washed, a lunch time visit to prepare her lunch and again in the evening to help her to bed.

Although reluctant at first, Joan began enjoying our visits and loved singing along to the radio with her Wellbeing Support Worker Beth. Beth and Joan bonded over a love of music and they each introduced one another to artists they hadn’t heard of before.

In the months that followed, Joan’s health began to decline. She’d often become confused and anxious, and went missing a couple of times. Joan didn’t have any family in the area, so it was our Wellbeing Support Workers who first noticed this decline and became concerned about her wellbeing. The team spoke with Joan’s family to express their concerns, and it was decided that Joan’s visits would be increased to offer extra support.

However, although increasing her visits did help, once she was left alone she again became very anxious. Because of this, it was agreed with her family that we would begin the process of helping Joan to settle into a care home. Her Link Worker, Caron, began researching care homes in the local area, because we knew Joan had lived there
all of her life and would be reassured by moving somewhere familiar.

Luckily a care home was available very close to Joan’s house, with a specialist dementia wing. BelleVie helped her during the moving process to pack and sort through her
belongings. Joan loved her photos, so we made sure she had them all packed carefully to take with her. Joan even bought her a photo album so she could look through them
all in her new home. Joan is now very happy in the care home and has made some very close friends. We often visit and call to see how she is, and the team who supported her are always pleased to get updates.

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