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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

Young people admiring the view from a bridge

Kevin, 19, is autistic, and recently began studying at college. To help him prepare for his transition from school to college, we did travel training with him. This included planning out his route, accompanying him on practice runs and going through any “what if” scenarios. Because of this support, Kevin is now confident about travelling to the city centre, and instead of worrying about how he is going to get to college, he can instead focus on his studies. 

During lockdown Kevin has found keeping in touch and maintaining his relationship with his friends challenging. The Wellbeing Support Workers have helped by signing him up to Zoom and social media platforms, so he can connect with his friends virtually. 

Kevin also loves exercising, so Wellbeing Support Worker Marc, who has previously worked and trained in fitness and nutrition, has been training with him three times a week. Kevin and Marc love cooking nutritious meals together, and have recently been perfecting five staple recipes for Kevin to cook on his own. 

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