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Martin Story BelleVie Oxfordshire

Martin’s Story

Support isn’t only about the physical things you need. You might need emotional support after a life-changing event, too. Our BelleVie Teams have an approach that focuses on what matters to you, rather than what’s the matter with you. Martin’s story is just one example of how our BelleVie Wellbeing Support Workers gave him the support and information that helped make a difference to him. After a very sudden and unexpected stroke, Martin needed some support with his personal care. Our team met with him shortly after he was discharged from hospital with a view to help. Martin and the team started to discover how best to adjust, not only to his home and lifestyle, but to support him in the transition to life post-stroke. When asked what the team could do best to really support him, the answer came; ‘be forward thinking’. This meant not focusing on limits, instead asking “What can I do next?”.

The team all agreed there was so much that Martin was able to do, and they just needed to work together to make sure it happened. One of the team’s main aims was to get Martin ‘feeling like Martin’ again; even if that just meant having a nice chat. Martin and his family said the most meaningful part of the experience was the connections made with the team, and they loved how BelleVie Wellbeing Support Workers go above and beyond. From picking up prescriptions to getting a bit of shopping, or even a favourite treat Martin had been missing from the local bakery, nothing was too much trouble for our crew. The family also found that our team were able to make Martin’s life more comfortable and fulfilling. Most importantly, Martin felt supported at a challenging time in his life, because of the way the team worked with him and listened to his wishes.


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