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BelleVie – Supporting our colleagues to thrive

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There are many reasons people enter into a career in social care. For some, it’s vocational. Others see it as a civic duty to give a little something back to their community. And then of course there’s the appeal of a flexible job that fits in around other commitments.

So what could put someone off becoming a paid carer? First, there is the misconception that all care provision is based on zero-hour contracts, providing little in the way of security or financial incentive. Secondly, the fear that carers often find themselves in thankless positions, whereby the workload is unmanageable and there’s a whole heap of pressure and bureaucracy but little or no practical or emotional support on offer. In other words, lots of red tape, but no safety net.

BelleVie: Exceptional care for all

Thankfully, BelleVie operates differently to traditional care providers. Of course, we care deeply about the people we support, but we also support the people who do the caring. As a result, our team of Wellbeing Support Workers benefit from rewarding, reliable work that pays above the Real Living Wage. BelleVie’s management structure is also very different to the norm – it’s flat, so there are no ‘big bosses’ in the conventional sense. Instead, carers work autonomously in self-governing teams, but with the peace of mind that our experienced and compassionate Coaches are on hand to give guidance, offer a helping hand – or sometimes just a cup of tea when it’s needed.

No prior experience? No problem!

Because BelleVie is different, we train everyone who comes to work with us. So, even if you’ve never worked in care before, we’ll make sure you have the same knowledgebase as those with years of experience under their belts. And you won’t be alone – more than half of our colleagues were new to care when they joined BelleVie – so you can fully expect to work alongside people from all walks of life, all of whom bring something different but equally valid to our culture. Some of our newer recruits include 70-year-old Susan, who volunteered to manage her Team’s online rotas, determined to counter misperceptions that her generation ‘don’t do digital’; and Musthak, who loved interacting with people as a taxi driver, but found a steadier income and more fulfilling work with BelleVie.

What’s life like at BelleVie?

We like to think our approach and ethos ensure that everyone we work with – both our Wellbeing Support Workers and those they support – feel valued. And, if the feedback we receive from our colleagues is anything to go by, it’s clear we’re on to a winning formula.


‘Inclusive company, able to work with my disability limitations regards to both physical needs as well as my time restraints to enable me to return to the workplace. Would definitely recommend this company.’

‘[BelleVie] listen to the thoughts and feelings of the employees. Staff have an open forum where they are asked for feedback regarding suggested changes to anything work related’


A recent colleague survey revealed…


Ready to talk?

If you have a handful of hours – or perhaps more? – spare a week, then consider a career in care. Alongside job satisfaction and a fun and inclusive environment, our Wellbeing Support Workers also benefit from:

  • Personalised career development
  • Regular team building activities
  • Wellbeing support
  • A guaranteed seat at our annual Awards ceremony – do you have what it takes to scoop the title of BelleVie’s Walking Wikipedia, 2023?

What’s stopping you? Check out our amazing roles today!

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