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We value you, for you. Maintain your independence and live your best life with support from BelleVie.
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Supporting people to live their best lives

We offer personalised support to adults with learning disabilities and developmental disabilities. Promoting independence, self-direction, and a strong sense of accomplishment in all aspects of life.

At BelleVie, our small local teams get to know you for the individual that you are. From the smallest details of your daily routine to your biggest life aspirations. Our Wellbeing Support Workers provide everything you need to live well, but go the extra mile to build meaningful relationships. Becoming friends, reliable pillars of support, and individuals you can rely on. Because when you choose care with Bellevie, you’re becoming part of an extended family.

Building Trusted Relationships

At the heart of what we do is embracing your individuality. Our purpose is to provide a helping hand precisely when it’s needed, allowing your unique personality to shine whilst leading a fulfilling, independent life.

We understand the value of connections that resonate on a deeper level – the kind that make life richer. That’s why we’re dedicated to pairing you with Wellbeing Support Workers who genuinely connect with your passions and interests. These connections aren’t just about getting things done; they’re about having someone who feels like a friend. Our teams are from all different walks of life, handpicked for who they are and what they believe in.

Whether you’re hunting for a job, need a hand around the house, want to plan out your week, or just hang out with your friends, we’re here to make it happen. Your best life? That’s what we’re cheering for, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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Daily Living

  • Household cleaning
  • Shopping & maintain supplies
  • Life admin & organisation
  • Companionship & support
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Education & Employment

  • Assisting you to attend classes
  • Organisational skills
  • Searching for employment opportunities
  • Interview and travel preparation
  • CV writing
Three young women holding hands and walking across a bridge

Social Life

  • Community inclusion
  • Building and maintaining friendships
  • Activities and trips
  • Local groups and clubs
  • Days out and companionship
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Physical & Mental Wellbeing

  • Personal care
  • Food and nutrition
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Reassurance and guidance

Booking a free consultation is easy!

Step 1


Contact Jill, our dedicated Wellbeing and Family Communication Lead to discuss your needs and aspirations. Whether you’re looking for support visits at home, recommended products and services, or a mixture of all three, Jill will guide you through how BelleVie can support you.

Step 2

Initial conversation

For support visits, the next step is for our Trusted Assessor to visit you at home to get to know you better. Following this visit, we’ll design your tailored support plan. It’s really that simple.

Step 3

Support plan created, we start

Following the initial conversation, we will send you a monthly pricing package based on your needs. If you decide to go ahead, our Trusted Assessor will create a person-centre care and support plan and your package will start.

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Speak to Jill to find out how BelleVie can support you to live your best life

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Supporting Younger People - Women

Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte, 30, has PTSD and has associated physical symptoms, including chronic pain. Because of this, Charlotte can struggle with the social side of life and everyday tasks such as meal preparation and housework. When we first met Charlotte she was very nervous about meeting new people. We made sure she felt comfortable, chatting to her […]

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Kevin’s Story

Kevin, 19, is autistic, and recently began studying at college. To help him prepare for his transition from school to college, we did travel training with him. This included planning out his route, accompanying him on practice runs and going through any “what if” scenarios. Kevin is now confident about travelling to the city centre.

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Alice’s Story

Alice, who is autistic, and her mum contacted us looking for support for Alice on her journey to becoming self-sufficient. We began helping Alice by guiding her through the steps to employment, including working with her to write her CV and applying for volunteering roles in the community. 

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