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BelleVie, not your average home care company

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In the UK, innovation is increasingly being seen as essential in the care sector, due to a range of factors including changing demographics, cost pressures, quality of care, and workforce challenges. With an aging population and growing demand for care services, there is a need to develop new models of care that are more efficient, effective, and person-centred.

Innovations such as the use of technology, new care models, and more efficient ways of working can help to meet these challenges, while also improving the quality of support provided to people who need it and the development of a sustainable care workforce. 

Quality jobs are also an important part of this, as they can help to attract and retain skilled and motivated staff, and ensure that individuals receive high-quality care from dedicated and well-supported carers. After all, who doesn’t want to feel respected and valued in their career?


Self – managed teams at BelleVie

At BelleVie, we like to think that we are not your average home care company. Our unique approach to care is centred around self-managed teams, which means our Wellbeing Support Workers have greater autonomy and flexibility in their work. By empowering our teams to manage their own schedules and responsibilities, we can ensure that they have the time and resources they need to provide truly personalised care to each individual they support. We believe that quality care starts with happy, well-supported colleagues, and that’s why we make their wellbeing and job satisfaction a priority. With BelleVie, you can trust that your loved ones are receiving exceptional care from a team of compassionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to making a positive difference in their lives.

There are several advantages to working in self-managed care teams, including:

  • Greater autonomy: Self-managed teams have more control over their own work schedules and responsibilities, allowing them to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of the people they care for.
  • Improved collaboration: By working in self-managed teams, carers are encouraged to collaborate and share their expertise, which can lead to improved care outcomes and better support for individuals with complex needs.
  • Better job satisfaction: Carers who are given greater autonomy and control over their work tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and more engaged in their work. This can lead to lower turnover rates and higher levels of staff retention.
  • Increased accountability: Self-managed teams are typically more accountable for their own performance and outcomes, which can lead to a greater sense of responsibility and commitment to providing high-quality care.

Our innovative approach doesn’t just include self-managed Wellbeing Support Workers, it includes our whole structure as a business! We’ve taken a ground-up approach, so that everyone has an opportunity to make the decisions that count, from the back-office, to our Wellbeing Support Workers, to the people we support. To make this easier to visualise, we like to depict this as the BelleVie tree.



A fantastic quote from one of our Wellbeing Support Workers sums up our model!

”Each part of the tree is necessary to support the whole. Take away the roots and the rest fails. Cut down the trunk and the branches and leaves die. Take away the leaves and the tree cannot absorb the energy it needs to survive. Without the branches, the leaves are unsupported and will fall. The people we support need us – and we need them.”


How does this affect the people we support?

Our vision is a world where both our colleagues and the people we support can thrive. So how does this model affect the people we care for?

Self-managed care teams can be better for the people who need care in several ways:

  1. More personalised care: Self-managed teams have more autonomy and flexibility in their work, which allows them to provide more personalised care that is tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the person they are supporting.
  2. Improved continuity of care: With self-managed teams, individuals are more likely to receive care from the same group of carers, which can help to build trusting relationships between the carer and the person they are supporting.
  3. Greater engagement and participation: Self-managed teams can help to engage individuals in their care by involving them in decision-making and encouraging them to take an active role in their own care planning and delivery.
  4. Better communication: Self-managed teams are typically better at communicating with individuals and their families, as they have more control over their own work schedules and responsibilities and can therefore be more responsive to their needs.

Everyone deserves to receive quality care and support, if you think yourself or a loved one might need a bit of extra support, contact us today for a friendly chat.


Why become a Wellbeing Support Worker?

Our unique approach doesn’t end at self-managed teams! At BelleVie, we offer a wide range of services including help with household tasks, personal care, transportation, and companionship – much like other home care providers. However, that’s where the similarities end. Here are some of our favourite points of difference:

Firstly, we don’t have a boss. Our close-knit care teams are self-managed, which allows you to make decisions while having the support of your peers.

Secondly, we value our staff and pay them well. We compensate for all the hours worked, not just the hours spent in someone’s home.

Thirdly, we invest in our staff and help them grow their skills. We provide support and training for those who want to obtain an NVQ.

Fourthly, we encourage entrepreneurial spirit and support staff who want to launch their own linked enterprise by providing the necessary knowledge, network, and client-base. If you want to start your own business hairdressing, doing yoga, teaching dance, or anything else you can think of, we can help you get started!

Finally, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and engaging work environment.


Don’t just take our word for it

We were thrilled to be winners at the 2023 Home Care Awards in the following categories:

  • Most Outstanding Individual Home Care Provider
  • Best Palliative / end-of life care expertise
  • Innovative technology expertise
  • Best for Team Support Expertise (staff wellbeing)

If you’re looking for support a new career and like the sound of what we’re doing. Feel free to get in touch to learn more about us and the future of care.







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