Jobs in Home Care with purpose.

Bring your best self to work everyday! We offer fair working conditions and pay you an annual salary to give you financial peace of mind
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At BelleVie, we know that our people are the foundation that our success is built on

We provide an environment where you can thrive, and create jobs in home care that you will love. You’ll work in a small close-knit team supporting people in your local area. Each of our colleagues are empowered to make decisions to support the people we care for. To enable you to bring your best self to work everyday, we offer fair working conditions and pay you an annual salary to give you financial peace of mind.

Value based recruitment

We actively recruit from outside the care industry, looking for compassionate and responsible people whose values chime with ours. We offer training in the professional skills required to deliver care and you bring the rest, in terms of values, creativity and passion.

Accredited Living Wage Employer

At BelleVie, we are very proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means we have made a public commitment to paying the Real Living Wage rather than the government minimum. We believe that jobs in home care should be valued and paid fairly.



What our people say

Gemma Practice Coach Oxfordshire Abingdon

“Being part of a small self-managing team has allowed me to connect with my colleagues like family. We have weekly team meetings so we are able to make decisions to ensure we are offering the best support to people, share ideas, acknowledge things that have worked/haven’t worked well and support each other.

I love to make a difference to our elderly community and spread happiness throughout the community.”

Gemma, Practice Coach


Getting paid monthly rather than by the hour is a real benefit compared to other jobs in the industry. I can plan my expenses and I know I will have an income each month, no matter how many hours I do. This also means I can concentrate on the people I support, rather than worrying about my finances.

Lucy, Wellbeing Support Worker

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