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Why work at BelleVie?

At BelleVie we pride ourselves on being different from other organisations:

  • We provide home care with a difference

We don’t just provide personal care. We provide wellbeing support as a whole to help local communities thrive at home and encourage our people to bring their own interests to work every day. 

  • We pay our Wellbeing Support Workers for more than just visits 

We’re an Accredited Living Wage Employer that unlike other care companies, pays an annual salary based that covers gaps between visits, travel time, team meetings and training, plus a mileage allowance of 45p/mile.

  • We empower our people 

Our teams are self-managed and trusted to make their own decisions that benefit the people we support.


Our values

We hire based on values and personality traits, rather than experience and actively recruit those that are new to the world of care, all we ask is that your values chime with ours: 

  • We listen
  • We are compassionate
  • We encourage ambition and creativity
  • We are true to ourselves
  • We take pride in everything we do, measured through outcomes
  • We keep our promises and own our learning


What our people say

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Our Recruitment Process



Begin your journey with BelleVie by completing a Wellbeing Support Worker application online.



One of our Coaches will contact you for a short friendly chat so that you can find out more about the role and we can find out more about you!



Join one of our weekly workshops and take part in interactive group exercises with other applicants, plus the opportunity to learn more about BelleVie and our unique way of working.



You'll then be invited to do a shadow shift, giving you first-hand experience of the role with another team member there for support and any questions you may have.



If your shadow shift is successful, we will be in touch with a job offer and start counting down the days until you join us!

Current opportunities

Have a question about becoming a Wellbeing Support Worker? Check out our FAQ's below or get in touch

Do you have offices?

Our Wellbeing Support Workers, our Care Support Circle and our Leadership Circle all currently work remotely. Your Care Support Circle will travel to you to carry out one to one catch ups, deliver PPE and provide support on your visits. We do have community centres based within our team locations where you will be able to meet up for your team meetings and buddy meetings. Due to the current Covid situation, all of weekly team meetings are held virtually.

Does BelleVie provide all adequate PPE to carry out visits safely?

Yes, Bellevie will provide all of the essential PPE needed to carry out your visits safely. When you start with BelleVie, you will also receive a care kit bag with all of the essential equipment needed on your visits including: BelleVie Handbook, N95 masks, Torch, Thermometer, Hand Sanitising Gel, Alcohol Wipes, First Aid Kit, ID Badge, Visor and Isolation Gowns.

What do you mean by ‘guaranteed hours’?

Unlike other care companies, you are guaranteed your contracted hours every week, meaning financial security for you. We pay for your travel time, gaps in visits, team meetings and buddy meetings and even if a visit gets cancelled, you will still be paid for your full shift.

Can I choose my own hours?

We currently offer both part time and full time contracts, ranging from 10 hours to 37 hours per week. Upon a job offer you will confirm what contracted hours you would like per week and these will be guaranteed to you. You will work in self management teams where there will be a rota champion who will ask about your availability. Everyone tries to be as flexible as possible and works around everyone’s availability, however we do ask that you are able to work at least one weekend every other weekend, to allow everyone in the team to enjoy time off over the weekend. The shifts we have currently range from 7am to 10pm on an evening, carried out in 5 hour shifts per day. 

How many people are there in a Wellbeing Support team?

Our teams are small and close-knit, with a maximum of 10 Wellbeing Support Workers in each. 

How does a self-managed team work?

A self-steered team is as the title suggests, you steer your own work without having a traditional manager telling you what to do. You will be trusted to manage your own time and rota, and make your own decisions that benefit the people we support. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean you’re totally left to your own devices, each team has a local Coach on hand to provide help and guidance if and when needed.

What will I need as part of my application?

As part of your application we will ask for:

  • Passport / Birth certificate for your Right to Work check
  • A copy of your full UK Driving Licence
  • Proof of address (utility bill, council tax, bank statement) that has been issues within the last 3 months
  • 2 satisfactory references (at least one from a previous employer). If you have worked in care before, one of the references must be from that care provider. 
  • Satisfactory DBS (Paid for by BelleVie)
  • Proof of Vaccination Status (Covid Passport)
  • Health Check Declaration Form

How long will it take until I can start the role?

Once you have finished your induction, you will be given a two week period to complete all of your training and to carry out as many shadow shifts as you like with your local team. You will then start your contracted hours with BelleVie and your solo visits when you feel 100% comfortable in doing so – you are more than welcome to carry out as many shadow shifts with other Wellbeing Support Workers that you need. Your coach will also work closely with you throughout your training.  

What does the 4-day induction involve?

The 4 day induction is held online and gives you a chance to get to know the ins and outs of BelleVie, your Wellbeing Support Worker role and ask any questions you have. You’ll also meet everyone in the coaching circle and Leadership Team (including both of BelleVie’s founders; Trudie Fell and Violaine Pierre). We cover sessions on the following: 

  • BelleVies Values/ Your Values and bringing your whole self to work
  • Training on all of BelleVie’s apps to support you with your role
  • Essential ALMA training
  • Person centred thinking and approaches
  • Team agreements
  • What does good note taking look like?
  • HR Processes
  • Team Roles
  • Working in a self-steered team
  • Compassionate communication
  • PPE
  • Plus a lot more!

Do I need any specific qualifications to become a Wellbeing Support Worker?

In a nutshell, no. We don’t ask for any specific qualifications or experience, what we do ask is that your values chime with ours, and you have the right personality for the role.  We provide and pay for all of the training that you need to excel. After completing our 4-day induction and mandatory e-learning modules, you will be given the opportunity to take part in as many paid shadow shifts that you need to ensure you’re 100% confident before going out on solo visits.