From Neighbours to Caregivers: How Community-Focused Teams Are Changing Homecare

At Bellevie, we’re not just in the business of providing care; we’re in the business of building connections, creating bonds, and making our communities stronger one smiling face at a time. Our secret? We’re not just any care provider; we’re your neighbours, friends, and fellow community members.
Jake Starkey - Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

When Care Becomes Community

We believe in the magic of local people delivering local care, that’s why our Wellbeing Support Workers from the very communities they serve. To us, care is more than just providing support; it’s about forming genuine connections and building real, meaningful relationships.

We don’t want you to see our carers as strangers, they’re the friendly faces you see at the local market or during community events. They’re someone you can trust, someone who’s not just a caregiver but also a friend, a neighbour, a part of your community. They bring a shared history, an understanding of local traditions, and an appreciation for the area’s quirks. This familiarity really brings people closer, going beyond just the caregiver-client dynamic and creating an instant bond.

It’s the ability to share stories, whether it’s reminiscing about a favourite local event or simply understanding the best places to grab a cuppa’. It’s this insider knowledge that makes every interaction personal, compassionate, and deeply rooted in the spirit of the community we support. Consider Domi, who spent Christmas with Shelia just to keep her company, or Corrine, who took Elizabeth to a Shakespeare show because she’s a devoted fan. These are the little things that make all the difference in the lives of the people we support.

Our local teams’ achievements speak volumes. At the 2023 homecare awards, we secured not one but four awards, including most outstanding individual home care provider. Additionally, our Net Promoter Score (how likely customers are to recommend BelleVie’s services ) for this year stands at an impressive 95%, surpassing the healthcare industry’s average of 58%! But it’s the reviews from the people we support and their families where our difference truly shines.

“I can’t rate BelleVie high enough. They have cared for Mum and Dad for a couple of years, nothing is ever too much trouble for any member of the team. We welcomed them into Mum and Dad’s home and they very quickly became part of the family, they genuinely care deeply for Mum and Dad and the care they offer is so amazing, they are all so kind, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Jayne - Daughter of Person We Support

Bringing smiles to the community

It’s one thing to say you care about your community, but actions speak louder. Recently, we went out into our local neighbourhoods with our #LiveLifeYourWay campaign. Our goal was simple: connect with the community and the amazing individuals we support by sharing gifts generously donated from local businesses.

Our deliveries ranged from beautiful bouquets and luxurious hampers to tickets for a night at the theatre and complimentary meals at local eateries. One of the standout moments during this campaign was the delivery of a life-sized Jason Momoa cut-out for Elaine because we knew she was a fan!

This campaign was a beautiful opportunity for us to spread joy, connect with those we support, and make their days a little brighter. It exemplified the essence of our mission: celebrating the uniqueness of each individual we support, creating meaningful moments, and bringing communities together.

Making Lives Better, One Connection at a Time

At BelleVie, we’re not just about care; we’re about connections. We’re about making lives better, one connection at a time. It’s about knowing that when you open the door, it’s not just a caregiver who walks in; it’s a friend, a neighbour, a member of your community who genuinely cares.

It’s about making a profound difference and thriving together right here in the heart of our local communities. It’s about building relationships that last a lifetime.  Because, in the end, it’s not just about caring for a community; it’s about being a part of it.

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