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Sheila’s Story

When we first visited Sheila we quickly understood how we could help improve Sheila’s quality of life. She was frustrated that she was stuck in the house all day, and would often be bored, which was affecting her both mentally and physically.

We built a relationship with Sheila, and found out what she really enjoyed doing – ultimately the things that got her out of bed in the morning and brought a smile to her face. One of our very talented Wellbeing Support Workers, Lisa, was able to find out this information because she had the time to build a trusting, personal relationship with Sheila. Lisa discovered she enjoyed bird watching, which we facilitated by providing a spare pair of binoculars to replace her broken ones. Sheila also loved going to the movies, so Lisa accompanied her to a pop-up cinema organised by Age UK. As well as activities, Sheila also enjoys the companionship of others and likes to share stories with Lisa over a cup of tea about her time as a nurse.

Sheila’s quality of life has greatly improved, and our support has enabled her to meet new people as well as having a great relationship with Lisa. They even recently discovered that Sheila and Lisa’s mum worked at the same hospital!

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