Monday Moved: Chair dance sessions at Marden Court

At Marden Court in Whitley Bay, Mondays have a different rhythm. Every other Monday, something exciting unfolds in this community. Residents gather for an engaging and exciting activity: chair dance! As music flows through the communal room, residents find joy, laughter, and a good dose of exercise while seated comfortably.

Jake Starkey - Friday, July 28th, 2023

Chair dancing has become a cornerstone of Marden Court’s activities calendar since its introduction, as well as their wellness Wednesday sessions. It is not just about moving to the rhythm; it’s a combination of physical wellness, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Each session, meticulously planned and joyfully executed, leaves the residents eagerly anticipating the next.

Chair dance is an innovative form of exercise designed to cater to all mobility levels. Its premise is simple but very impactful; encourage movement, flexibility, and strength, all while seated. The beauty of chair dancing lies in its accessibility. It proves that age or mobility constraints should never be a barrier to enjoying the beat of a good tune or the thrill of a dance.

So what happens during these sessions at Marden Court? Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for the activity. Then, with music ranging from golden oldies to recent hits, residents engage in a series of choreographed moves guided by the enthusiastic session leader, Kimberly.

Each movement is carefully curated to help enhance flexibility, coordination, and muscle strength. The sessions are an energising combination of cardio and strength training. But it’s not all about physicality. Chair dancing also promotes cognitive functioning. Memorising dance routines stimulates the mind and helps improve memory, concentration, and mental agility.

After an hour of rhythmic chair dancing, the session concludes, but the socialising does not. It continues over drinks and refreshments. This is a time for shared laughter, recollections of the dance session, and fostering deeper friendships among the residents.

The chair dance sessions at Marden Court, Blyth, have successfully created a space where residents can freely express themselves, engage in healthy physical activity, and strengthen their community bonds. Seeing the joy and anticipation on the residents’ faces is a testament to the transformative power of chair dancing.

Every other Monday at Marden Court isn’t just about chair dancing; it’s about building a lively, engaged, and supportive community where everyone can flourish. So here’s to many more chair dancing sessions, many more Mondays filled with music, movement, and laughter.

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