County Durham Wellbeing Support Workers

We recruit carers with the right values, who are driven by compassion to support people to live well at home. We offer comprehensive training, peer-support and fair working conditions, enabling us to attract and retain top professionals. We are very proud of our teams, and the impact they have every day!

Our County Durham team are available to support people to live independent, safe lives in the County Durham and Tyne and Wear areas. The small team work together to ensure they are making each day better for the people they’re supporting.

Catherine, our Wellbeing Support Lead in the North East, explains how we’re different, and how we can help you in the video below:

Here are some of the people who make BelleVie

Image of Caroline Ratcliff

Caroline Ratcliff

Wellbeing Support Worker

Image of Paul Rathbone

Paul Rathbone

Wellbeing Support Worker

Neil Scott


Development Coach


Wellbeing Support Worker

Sara Wellbeing Support Worker Durham


Wellbeing Support Worker

Grace wellbeing support worker durham


Wellbeing Support Worker

Wellbeing Support Worker Marc Durham


Wellbeing Support Worker

Catherine Ambrose

Catherine Ambrose

Wellbeing Support Lead North East