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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

Young woman standing on a beach

Alice, who is autistic, and her mum contacted us looking for support for Alice on her journey to becoming self-sufficient. We began helping Alice by guiding her through the steps to employment, including working with her to write her CV and applying for volunteering roles in the community. 

Alice loves animals so while she has enjoyed volunteering at the local cat and dog shelter, it has also built her confidence and her communication skills. We are now supporting her to apply for permanent employment, and something Alice is very excited about…house hunting for a flat of her own. 

While Alice has a strong bond with the Wellbeing Support Workers, we are also supporting her to keep in touch with friends and to build new relationships. This includes joining local groups, such as the dog walking group who meet once a week to walk on the beach. 

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